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Holiday Cheer Drink Mixes

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Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum Rekindle an old family tradition!  Made with Brown Sugar, Irish Butter, and a blend of natural spices.  Just add your favorite dark rum.  Absolutely Scrumptious! Check out our recipes page for the "Bananas Flaherty."


Hot Spiced Wine
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Hot Spiced Wine Nothing’s better than a skiing trip, tailgating at a football game, or relaxing by the fireplace and warming those winter days and nights with a cup of your favorite red wine and Flaherty’s Hot Spiced Wine Mix.  Can also be used for a Summery Sassy Sangria!


Old Fashioned Eggnog

Old Fashioned Eggnog Just add Irish Whiskey, Rum, or Brandy to these All-Natural ingredients for the best Egg Nog in town!  Make as a traditional Egg Nog, or check out our recipes page for the “Frosty’s Goin’ Down Martini” or Irish Custard Bread.


Pine Mt. Simmering Spices

Pine Mt. Simmering Spices A delightful way to spice up the season.  Serve hot or cold with cranapple, cider, tea, wine, or brandy.  Share some of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula tradition with your family & friends.


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