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How to Make the Perfect Tom & Jerry Drink

When you think about the holiday season, what traditions do you remember? Big family dinners, a fresh blanket of snow, and evenings by the fire? Some memories fade - do you really remember every gift you gave or received? - but those traditions are what make the holidays so magical for many of us. 

For the Flaherty family, one of our favorite traditions is also the one we share with you each year: the Tom & Jerry. This sweet, creamy drink has been enjoyed by our family for generations. We know many of you love them, too - but there is a younger generation who hasn’t had a chance to try this classic holiday treat.

What is a Tom & Jerry?

Flaherty's Famous Tom & Jerry Batter, available online and in stores.The Tom & Jerry is named after its creators: Tom McDunn and Jerry Blair, two lads who owned a London bar called “The Last Schilling.” One cold winter in 1736, when business was poor, they worked for days to create a new drink that might bring them enough business to stay open. Working with their wives, and inspired by the decadent flavors of Yorkshire pudding, they created the first Tom & Jerry batter: eggs, cream, sugar, vanilla, and a special blend of spices. Mixed with dark rum and brandy and served hot with a dash of nutmeg, it warmed the hearts of London’s bar-goers, and became a popular holiday drink throughout Europe by the 1800s.

Flaherty’s Tom & Jerry Batter

The drink was brought to America by Irish immigrants through Ellis Island - and one of those Irish families was Billy Flaherty’s, back in 1927. Twenty years later, in the St. Paul, Minnesota kitchen of a cousin’s restaurant, Billy was living up to Tomm McDunn and Jerry Blair’s entrepreneurial spirit. He’d grown up with a hot Tom & Jerry by the fire as a holiday tradition and knew that many Irish immigrants and their children loved them, too. So he worked away, perfecting the old family recipe from Dublin until it was ready to be packaged and sold, bringing his beloved holiday tradition to families everywhere.

How to Make the Perfect Tom & Jerry Drink

With Flaherty’s Tom & Jerry Batter, the process is simple. The batter arrives in a carton, much like an ice cream - it even looks a bit like it! To create the perfect Tom & Jerry drink, start by scooping some Tom & Jerry batter into your mug. The more you add, the sweeter and creamier your finished drink will be - so adjust to your taste! Then, add half a jigger of dark rum (we love Bacardi Gold), and half a jigger of brandy (we prefer Christian Brothers). Mix your liquor with your batter, and top off your mug with boiling-hot water, stirring thoroughly. The batter will melt, creating a sweet froth on top and a rich, creamy drink below. Top with a sprinkle of English nutmeg for the perfect holiday drink!

Since Flaherty’s Tom & Jerry batter hit stores, families around the country (but especially in the midwest!) have enjoyed a hot Tom & Jerry together as they gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Flaherty’s Tom & Jerry Batter has been their preferred brand since 1947 - that old Irish recipe just can’t be beaten. That’s why, more than seventy years later, Flaherty’s is still proud to bring you the best Tom & Jerry batter you’ll find outside County Galway. 

Flaherty's Famous Tom & Jerry Batter, available online and in stores.Every year we hear from countless families who are thrilled to re-discover the Tom & Jerry they loved in years past! We ship it on dry ice for family gatherings and holiday parties, and are always excited when our customers reach out to let us know they loved it! A hot Tom & Jerry helps us keep family traditions alive, recapture those precious holiday memories, and create new ones with the ones we love most. For the Flaherty family, a Tom & Jerry is part of the magic of the holidays, and after the kind of year we’ve had in 2020, a little holiday magic might be just what we all need. Call us at 563-359-1505 to order your Tom & Jerry batter today!