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There is nothing sweeter (#PunIntended) than love, but Flaherty's Irish Candy definitely gives even that necessity a run for its money. Not only does this company provide some of the best customer service I've ever witnessed, but the owners are truly some of the kindest people I've ever worked with in my life. They put their whole heart and soul into delivering these decadent treasures to thousands of people to bring smiles to their faces and joy to their tastebuds. I don't know if I could pick a favorite, but the toffee is pretty delicious. I've also purchased these delights as gifts for friends and they have always been a true hit! May the luck of the Irish always be with this company! Thank you for all you do!

- Taryn

The absolute best part of my year is stocking up on Flaherty's Irish toffee, tea cakes, and hot buttered rum mix at the Holiday Mart in Kansas City. My sister and I host a Harry Potter movie marathon with our friends every fall. The only reason they keep coming back is for the butter beer we make from Flaherty's hot buttered rum mix! The tea cakes make great holiday gifts and are always a huge hit. Everyone I've met from the company is so kind, helpful, and personable. I cannot say enough food things about Flaherty's Candy.


Had the pleasure of trying your products for the first time at Western Illinois last year as we did a project on your business. It was so good, I ordered 6 boxes and a bunch of caramels to give as Christmas gifts and they were a huge hit! The dark chocolate peanut butter crunch is by far my favorite. Keep doing a great job! If you ever need any marketing suggestions or assistance I would be happy to help!

- Joshua

I received some of your toffee as a Christmas gift last year and thoroughly enjoyed it! I am looking forward to your new website as I plan on ordering your products for several of my Holiday gifts this year! Keep up the great work!

- Denise

I LOVE the Toffee, never sticks to my teeth and is delicious.

- Charla

First time I tasted this candy was at a Christmas craft show in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2015. I have been purchasing it every Christmas for family, hostess, and thank you gifts. Everyone loves it! During the run up to Christmas I go out of my way to shop small businesses for gifts and this candy fits the bill.

- Dorothy

I love the toffee that seems to melt in your mouth and is bursting with flavor!

- M.E.C

Locally owned and operated, candy makers of delicious toffee, chocolate, and many other treats. They sell nation wide but the quality is of well made small batch candies. You can only go right with Flaherty's.

- Ann

I've never had better toffee than this! It's #1 for lots of reasons. The milk chocolate is my favorite, and I've tried several others. The little cake bites in the jar were also excellent. Very buttery and worth the price. I miss seeing you at the one of a kind show, it's so nice to try the samples and your team is so nice. I gave this as Christmas gifts last year and my family was impressed too. 5 STARS!!!!!

- Jane

There is "nothing" better than getting Irish Candy Toffee for a gift. I have given this for gifts and everyone loves getting them. I have been giving boxes of the toffee to my friends at Christmas time and everyone looks forward to getting them. One year the boxes I sent were not up to your standard product and I received feedback from my friends that it was chewy. I called customer service and to my surprise my order was completely refilled. Customer service is above outstanding. I will always recommend you for special gifts.

- Robert

All your products are extraordinary. Every time somone comes to my house I let them try some, they have to have some to take home with them. Gonna have to get extras just for samples for my house! GREEAAAT Job!!

- Van


Your caramels are the best I've ever had!!!

- Krystal

My first purchase was about 10 years ago in Cincinatti. Since then, I've purchased several times for myself and for gifts. Everyone loves the pretzel bark - my favorite. Just the right amount of chocolate and sea salt 🥨 🧂 💖 😍

- Susie

The candy is amazing!! So many delicious flavors I could not possible pick a favorite. I bought four boxes of which three were to be gifts. I believe I ate all of it! Too good to give away!

- Jeanne

The candy is amazing!! So many delicious flavors I could not possible pick a favorite. I bought four boxes of which three were to be gifts. I believe I ate all of it! Too good to give away!

- Mimi

Best Toffee I have Ever Had. I am over 65 and have tried a lot of different types of toffee in my life. This is the best toffee hands down. I was working at a non profit before Christmas. The organization was kind enough to include me on their Christmas list. I went to work one day and found a box of your toffee on my desk. To my delight it was the perfect texture, crunch, and flavor. Melt in your mouth goodness. I love chocolate and have tried the best wherever we have lived or traveled. Every area has their favorites. I have even been pulled over in security for having a block of chocolate in my carry on bag. I told security they were welcome to taste. I am not a chocolate snob. I simply like good quality chocolate with great flavor. I was not disappointed in your toffee. Then I found out you were located in the QCA. Even better.

- Christine

I absolutely love your Irish Toffee. I've tried some other flavors but the Toffee is the best I've ever had. The toffee is so buttery and the milk chocolate is so smooth and creamy and there's just enough nuts on top! I have very with very few people and they agreed it was the best they ever had! (I don't share well with others 😂 😂) In fact I hide it from my husband!!

- Janet